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Launch of LeanBiomeTM with global leader in beauty & nutrition brands

01 December 2021

OptiBiotix Health plc (AIM: OPTI), announces the launch of a new sports nutrition product range branded LeanBiomeTM alongside a new supply & licensing agreement with a leading global player in beauty & nutrition ("the Partner"). This agreement grants the Partner a license to manufacture and sell finished products containing LeanBiomeTM across Europe, Australia and Asia.

OptiBiotix is a life sciences business developing patented science and human study-based compounds that modulate the microbiome to address metabolic syndrome and diabetes, systemic low-grade inflammation, obesity, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and supports healthy aging.

The Partner is a British e-commerce company which specialises in taking beauty and nutrition brands direct to consumer ("D2C") through its proprietary e-commerce platform across the globe. The Partner's technology, brand building expertise, and global infrastructure allows it to reach millions of customers around the world. They own the largest D2C sports nutrition brand globally.

LeanBiomeTM is a scientifically formulated sports nutrition ingredient which has been developed by OptiBiotix that supports athletes seeking to increase lean muscle mass to change their body composition. LeanBiomeTM contains a patented combination of fibres, prebiotics and minerals aimed specifically at supporting the microbiome diversity of athletes on a high protein diet. LeanBiomeTM adds unique differentiation to a new premium product line of the Partner and will get on-pack recognition. The new product line of the Partner is aimed at increasing lean muscle mass which is scheduled to be rolled out from January 2022 in Europe and Asia. If the product line is successful, it is expected to be introduced to the North American market in due course. The agreement is expected to generate approximately £1m in annualised and recurring turnover for the Company starting in 2022. First orders worth £200k have been placed and are on schedule for delivery in early December 2021.

There is growing scientific evidence of an anecdotal link between the microbiome and athletic performance (Do microbes affect athletic performance? (nature.com).

This agreement is part of OptiBiotix's strategy to offer pro- and prebiotic solutions aimed at modulating the microbiome that allow leading brands to differentiate their health & wellness products.

René Kamminga, CEO of OptiBiotix Limited, commented: "We are very pleased to announce this agreement with the Partner and its sports nutrition division. LeanBiomeTM has been specifically formulated with the needs of athletes in mind and builds on our core expertise in functional ingredients with effect on the microbiome to achieve health effects. The Partner is a formidable company to partner with and we are pleased that LeanBiomeª has been selected as the preferred source of differentiation for their new product line. This launch is another important step in building sales and brand presence for OptiBiotix' solutions with major partners around the world."

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