Commercial Strategy

Our Commercial Strategy is founded on a strong scientific approach to target large markets with unmet needs, delivered by working in partnership.

Products aimed at large (>£100m), growing markets

Market focussed R&D
Large Markets with unmet needs

All activities underpinned by scientific approach

Research & Development
Working with world leaders in their field and supported by Scientific Advisory board

Partner with food,
health and well being companies

Commercial Strategy
Collaborative partnerships (joint development and cost sharing) longer term recurring revenues via license agreements

Scalable business model and technology platforms

Multiple diversification opportunities and combination applications from combining platforms

Divisional Structure

The business is structured in four divisions that creates the platform for growth and future corporate options.

Each of the divisions has potential to target a number of segments and market opportunities that could be scalable in their own right.

Where relevant, IP that is applicable across a number of applications is held centrally and licensed to the divisions.


Progress across all Platforms

There has been sustained momentum across all platforms:

  • Increased R&D expenditure offset by joint development income
  • Substantive increase in IP portfolio
    • Five to 11 patents
    • Three to eight strain registrations
    • Three to seven trademarks
  • Commercial agreements in each platform