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08 August 2013



Ceres Media International plc ("Ceres Media") is pleased to announce that it has completed a restructuring of the business and has split into two separate divisions. Natural AdCampaign Print which will continue to focus on the large format printing industry marketing various products under the NatureWovenTM and TierraFilmTM brands and NAC Industrial Products marketing the new NatureFloorTM products into the construction and plumbing and heating markets.

Natural AdCampaign Print will focus on the large format retail printing and advertising sector concentrating on the recent introduction and stocking of its 100% oil free compostable TierraFilmTM products into the US and European markets. The business sells variants of this product for the Backlit, Clear and Window film markets and is seeing increasing interest and sales as awareness of these innovative products increases.

NAC Industrial Products will focus on the construction and plumbing and heating industries with the recent launch in the UK of NatureFloorTM Chorus and Gossyp aimed at the temporary protective flooring markets. These products have been developed as a variant of the NatureWovenTM print materials and have improved characteristics over current materials used including ease of laying, lay flat, tensile strength and water barrier incorporation. These products additionally have the added feature, as with all Ceres products, of being recyclable therefore reducing landfill requirements and associated fees for constructors.

Development work continues on additional products to complement the ranges and it is the intention to launch a light block version of the TierraFilmTM range available in adhesive and non-adhesive variants for the printing industry and a variant of the NatureNettingTM product used at the London Olympics for the scaffolding and construction sector in the future. Further products will be developed as demanded by customers.

Commenting on the restructuring and launch of the new products, Alex Dowdeswell, CEO of Ceres Media International said: "Like other materials manufacturers products tend to be used across different business sectors to aid volume usage and sales and it is logical that Ceres Media adopts this approach to increase awareness and take up of products. We are regularly asked for product variants that are for uses outside the print sector as seen by the London Olympics NatureNettingTM development and it is important for us to take advantage of this. The NatureFloorTM product range has been developed specifically for the construction industries and has been launched in the UK initially. I am very pleased first sales have been achieved after a short period of time and indications are that this will continue to grow. With specific regard to the printing sector I am pleased awareness continues to increase. The TierraFilmTM product range is receiving positive response from printers and clients and we are continuing to push forward and gain the relevant approvals from the advertising sector. This process has taken time due to the number of different businesses involved but with approvals reached from the Out of Home media owners earlier in the year, trade printers tested and approved and the current sales push into the clients and media buyers the process is nearing completion. This should finally open up a significant market space that has international scalability. "


For further information, please contact:

Alex Dowdeswell, CEO
Ceres Media
+44 (0)7930 189 192


Cairn Financial Advisers
Liam Murray / Jo Turner
+44 (0)20 7148 7900


Jon Belliss
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Mike Wort / Anna Dunphy
Cubitt Consulting
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Notes to Editors:

Ceres Media is a specialist materials company producing natural compostable and biodegradable materials for the print and construction industries. The company is dedicated to providing sustainable and compostable alternatives for the petroleum-based materials such as vinyl which are used extensively by these industries. Petroleum based materials such as vinyl do not degrade readily and have to be disposed of in landfill with an obvious negative impact on the environment.

The materials that Ceres Media have developed for the print industry have the same print quality as vinyl's, do not require modifications to existing printing machines and are cost competitive with respect to vinyl. These products are 100% oil free, and are made from organic materials such as plant fibre and cellulose. Materials for the construction industry are made from organic materials such as plant fibre. These products can be disposed of by either composting or energy from waste systems meaning there is no requirement for landfill and its associated environmental impact. For technical information and details of how to purchase the range of products that Ceres Media produce for various advertising needs, please go to www.naturaladcampaign.com.